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Product development

Since our company put into production, all products are independent research and development, now has more than 300 square meters of research and development center, has department of product development and research and development quality inspection department, r&d department including the development of a, development department, engineering department, manufacture department and laboratory, laboratory equipped with test bench, color mixing machine, proof press, mixer, edge banding machine, CNC computer test equipment such as; R&d has r&d personnel 33 people, senior engineer 1 person, intermediate engineer 3 people, junior engineer 15 people, has rich experience in tablet development of edge banding, with rich practical experience and technical foundations of Luo xinyong.

General manager of company product research and development, by the senior engineer of the technical level of the industry have authority Xie gaozhi as technical general labor; Research and development department, formulate measures have the scientific research project management, financial management method, technical center method of performance appraisal, reward system and strictly comply with them.


In recent years, the company independent research and development of furniture in <environmental protection edge banding > < alloy material edge banding> <the new desige edge banding> <imitation wood grain edge banding> <functional decorative edge banding> and other products, currently ,we has three formula and technological invention patent, 12 utility model patents, 16 patents of appearance design, and all the patent form the corresponding transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the formation of patent work is divided into five series of more than 1000 different colors and more than 15 kinds of products.

In recent years, all the research and development of new products and gain Dongguan science and technology innovation of small and medium business administration's support, <environmental protection edge banding> won Dongguan city technology bureau subsidy of 700000 yuan in 2007, < alloy material edge banding> won Dongguan city technology bureau subsidy of 590000 yuan in 2008, <the new desige edge banding> gain the Dongguan city technology innovation of small and medium business administration' subsidies of 630000 yuan in 2009, < imitation wood grain edge banding> won Dongguan city technology bureau subsidy of 260000 yuan in 2010.

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