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Quality management

Xiongyi company since founded at the beginning, it looks product quality as the fundamental guarantee of enterprise development. Under the scientific management, our company pay special attention to product quality management, products strictly in accordance with the standards and customer requirements to arrange production.

To this end, the personnel to the equipment and so on various aspects of the company are spend a lot of resources, the quality of the company now has a group of skilled management personnel with multiple sets of advanced testing instruments. Company as early as in 2002 through the ISO9001 international quality management certification system, make the product quality management more scientific and effective guarantee.

After years of market test, Xiongyi company's products no major quality problems, for years in a row in The Times of municipal product quality supervision and spot check, All full inspection.

On quality control, has always insisted on keeping up with international standards, the whole process from project development to sales are following the quality first, customer supremacy of the quality policy, the company strictly require employees in accordance with the specified operating standards and regulations system of production, the product in the production of every procedure strict checks, every product to ensure that the factory can meet customer and market requirements.


Through on the basis of ISO9001 standard quality assurance system, to carry out the quality responsibility, deepen quality management, to improve product quality of Xiongyi, in the quality inspection procedures set up incoming inspection, process inspection and finished goods inspection, and established a dedicated inspection laboratory, in incoming material, production process and finished products three link strengthen the supervision of product quality; international testing standard for our reference , does not meet the quality requirements of products for one ticket veto, unqualified products will not flow into the market.

In early 2006, the company in order to further improve product quality, investment more than 50, ten thousand yuan to buy the kingdee ERP information management system, strengthening the management of enterprise procurement, logistics, etc, and from every raw materials procurement, to further improve the overall quality of the product.

Under the high standards and strict quality control, Xiongyi got a game for three consecutive years of edge banding city pledges inspect bureau of supervision and random inspection and entrusted inspection, was identified as qualified products.

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