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Team building

Xiongyi company attaches great importance to the construction of talent team, we follow a "people-oriented, science and technology enterprise" business philosophy, constantly absorbing talents. Now , we have Existing skilled employees more than 200 people, including 1 graduate degrees, bachelor's degree in 25 people, college degree 35 people, college degree or above personnel account for 34% of the total number of employees.

Xiongyi company not only recruitment talent, but also retention of choose and employ persons. Carrying out the "talent is the productive forces, are the lifeblood of the enterprise development" as guiding ideology.

In terms of choose and employ persons never seniority, and dare to cast newcomers, and dedicated to formulate a series of incentive measures, including project development award, sales award, review exchange, regular training, etc.; Through treatment in terms of persisting staff with career, emotion and and created a good atmosphere for the enterprise, make people give full play to their role in the enterprise, also make the pace of enterprise development rapidly and steadily.


In educating people, Xiongyi company also invest a lot of resources and energy, makes the enterprise to the sustainable development of talents, establishing contact with specialized training institutions, set up internal training and external training the way of combining constant, hierarchical, timing, regularly training for enterprise employees, let employees work in improving, in the training.

Talent is the key of enterprise technology innovation, also is the key to the sustainable development of the enterprise, so enterprises must to training their own talent team. In terms of talent team construction, Xiongyi through its unique corporate culture, to summon, to infection, and to keep group after group of talents.

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