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Market development

Our company’s production and business operation mode is based on the emphasis on technology and quality control, we also import the international brand new management concept and new management mode. We have management department, manufacturing department, engineering department and marking department, each of them has their own mode of operation, which is independent and unique, and all of them have close contact with each other that make our company more efficient, more concise and fluent.

Nowadays, the enterprises pay attention to their development tactics and strategies, and our company have adopted a more scientific information management system which not only can save a lot of manpower and material resources but more time so that we can adapt to the fierce market competition environment and all kinds of the different needs of customers, it also make our company have competitive power in the industry.


The strong technical support and perfect pre-sale,in-sale and after-sale service system make our company develop rapidly. Our production and sales network have been covering Chinese mainland and Europe, South America, Middle East and other regions. We have been setting up 4 production bases in Dongguan,Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu to develop and manufacture edge banding since 1998. All kinds of our products have been sold well both in chinese mainland and foreign countries, such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing. Now we have stable groups of customers and steady rise in sales year after year, such as Wision, Royal, Oppein, Holike, Haotaitai, Sunhoo, Quanu etc.

No matter in production, sales or share of the market, our company is one of the best companiesin the industry. In the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic industry situation, we have been conducting international business since 2003 and now we have customers in Europe, South America, the Middle East and so on.

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